Spot, the  new mobile parking app from Boston-based Spot Park, began in 2013 when Braden Golub saw 10 unused parking spots in his apartment’s garage.

Golub, who’d gotten back from feeding a meter to cover his fiancee’s parking near his place in Boston. A former employee at RentalBeast, a Boston real estate startup, Golub knew there had to be a better way to make use of that space.

After doing some research, Golub determined that there were 50,000 private parking spots in Boston and 30,000 that are easily accessible. At many of those spots, people like Golub are paying $300 month for space that mostly goes unused.

So Spot was born, a way to connect unused private parking spaces with folks who want to rent it out. Think of it as for your parking space, driveway, or even local business parking lot.

“We did a launch of the beta in…

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