VA Homeless Summit/CHALENG 2014 Community Homelessness Assessment Local Education and Networking workshop


When: Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 1:30pm-3pm

Where: Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library  (3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis TN 38111)

Meeting Room C


Project CHALENG is an innovative program designed to enhance the continuum of care for homeless Veterans provided by the local VA and its surrounding community service agencies.  Project CHALENGenhances coordinated services by bringing the VA together with community agencies and other federal, state, and local governments who provide services to the homeless to raise awareness of homeless Veterans’ needs and to plan to meet those needs.


This year’s theme will focus on services for Women and Children


Your voice is important to assess the needs of our homeless Veterans in the Memphis area.


Please RSVP by 8/8/14 by email or phone901-523-8990 ext. 5661