Win a Better Love Yourself (BLY) Trunk! Nominate a Female Senior TODAY!!!

SisterReach will sponsor 10 young women to receive a BLY Starter Trunk full of essentials during the Better Love Yourself event on July 12th!

SisterReach wants to support young women who are committed not only to higher education, but reproductive health excellence as well! SisterReach defines the pursuit of reproductive health excellence as making informed and responsible decisions to abstain from unsafe sex practices, practice safe sex, and be educated about your reproductive and sexual health.

THE RULES: If you know a high school female senior in Memphis/Shelby County who fits either of these descriptions, and is headed to college, email TO NOMINATE her by July 2nd! Include her name, address, phone number, parent/guardian’s name and phone, and why you think your senior deserves a trunk.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: Your Name, Senior’s Name, Address, Phone Number, Parent/Guardian contact information and a brief explanation (2-3 lines) on WHY you think she deserves a BLY Trunk prize.

The young woman will receive a brief interview from a SisterReach representative about her commitment to reproductive health excellence. We welcome the nominations of Female Senior Parents who are headed to college. Winners will be announced via our newsletter on July 10th and will receive their trunk during the BLY Trunk Event on July 12th. Nominate a high school senior girl TODAY!!!