Check out the latest novel by Memphis author, Shulanda J. Hastings: “Marriage Thorn: My Husband Is Not My Boaz?”  This novel is full of drama, suspense with a twist of humor. Here is a teaser: 

Sherri Pearce is a born and raised Mississippi Delta woman who believes in the Biblical principles that her preacher grandfather and outspoken grandmother instilled in her.  Walking in her grandparents’ footsteps, she is active in church leadership and plans to be the ideal first lady. After years of being committed to God, at age 30, she believes that she has finally met her “Boaz” and marries the infamous Pastor Ronald from Memphis, Tennessee, who Sherri thinks to be transformed from his previous North Memphis lifestyle.  But before the ink is dry on their marriage license, Sherri finds herself feeling the painful thorns of marriage and ministry. Believing in God’s design for marriage, she is determined to make her marriage work.  Just when things seem to be going well, Sherri is faced with a major crisis that causes her pain like no other. She has to make an ultimate decision that regardless of her choice could leave an everlasting thorn in her side.

AVAILABLE April 30, 2014 in electronic and print copies. You may purchase on Amazon on at Order your copy today and find out what the latest buzz in Memphis is about!